We all have the tendency to search for the best products for our utilities. For a professional or gamer, their computer desk is one such thing. The comfort level, the efficiency of a gamer or a professional depends on the level of comfort they are in. A perfect computer table is designed keeping the needs and necessities of these professionals in mind.

In this article, we would like to show some light on all aspects of a computer desk that you need to look, before actually purchasing one. You can read this review too

1. Ergonomics of the computer table

A computer table should be of adequate height in respect with the height of your chair. A 30 inches high table can be perfect for a person of average physique, but it will not be accurate for a person of above average physique. One can sit in the chair and fold his arms approximately to 90 degrees and see if the arms are resting properly over the surface of the desk or not. If yes, then it is the perfect height.

A computer table that comes with adjustable height knobs can be preferred over the standard tables.

2. Material and quality

Various materials being used for the manufacturing of computer tables are basically of three kinds namely, wood, glass, stainless steel and PVC.

– Wood
Ages have passed but wood still is the most used material in the manufacturing of furniture. Its classic textures and colors enhance the pleasing look of the furniture and definitely add to the decorous of the room.

One may generally be offered with options of oak, maple and pine finish for their furniture. Among these three, oak and maple are costlier, but it ensures you for the charm and grace that you may desire for your computer desk. Pine wood is a bit cheaper, but it is not as durable as the other two variants of wood are.

Glass table is cheap and easy-clean 
Glass is the new trend that is raging high in the eyes of buyers. It lends your computer table a trendy and elegant look. Only the table top is made of glass while the legs and shelves are made of wood or steel. The glass material used is very thick, strong and of absolute high quality.

– Stainless steel and PVC
The surface of the computer table is made of PVC which is guarded by stainless steel on its boundaries. Usage of these materials makes the desk a saleable product. It is very light in weight and the buyer need not compromise with its durability at all.


This is the era of technology. People want to gain knowledge about existing and upcoming advancement in technology. The ones with great sense of technical headway have spotted one such brilliant thing that is flooded with extreme usefulness for people who are exposed to PC screens for extremely longer duration of time.

The developers using their great insight and intelligence invented this innovative product, primarily for the gamers, commonly called as advanced computer eyewear or advanced gaming eyewear or simply gaming glasses.

Gaming Glasses

These advanced gaming glasses are designed to fortify and protect the eyes from adverse effect of harmful radiation emerging from the screens and to cushion them. It is manufactured keeping in mind the various uses it has to provide to the gamers while playing console or PC games. Its key purpose is to diminish digital eye hassle by increasing contrast, lessening blaze of light as well as reflection and many more.

Why do you need Gaming Glasses?

This fact is not hidden that gamers can sit for continuous long hours just to complete the levels of the game. This is surely enjoyable but there is an effect which is inclining negatively from it and that is the degradation of eyesight.

Prolonged exposure of eyes to the digital screens on a later stage will increase muscle tension, strain, inaccurate focus, decreasing eye power, etc. These consequences are definitely hazardous for the passionate gamers and there is a need to wear protective gaming glasses.

The harmful radiations being emitted by the screens which are not covered with anti-reflective or anti-glare sheets can put some serious effect on the gamer’s eyes. There is a long list of consequences that include blurred vision, low focusing capacity, pain in the eyes, irritation and tenderness, etc. Usage of advanced gaming eyewear can protect your eyes to a great extent and can keep your eyes and vision to the optimum level.

Features of best video Gaming Glasses with prescription reiews of 2016

1. Anti-reflective Coating
This high tech device can easily safeguard your eyes by adjusting contrast and focus itself. Its anti-reflective layer reduces the flaring light from the screen. It curtails contortion of beams of light, decreases the sharpness of fluorescent light and helps the eye muscles to relax by minimizing the strain that the eyes are burdened with.

Anti-reflective screens reduces unnecessary reflection and adjusts the appropriate hue, contrast and brightness for your eyes as a result of which your eyes are shielded against the harmful radiations and ill effect of strong and sharp light rays.

2. Color Tints
Another way by which these glasses are made even more beneficial is the color tint. These glasses usually are tinted yellow which helps the eyes in staying relaxed. These tints filter the light rays and reduces the uncomfortable sensation that one experience while sitting in front of the screen.

Being gamers you sits in front of the screens of your TV or computers while gazing at it, sometimes without blinking even once as you may miss a shot or you may not counter an attack. Well, this attack is just in the game, but those harmful radiations attack your eyes in real.

For the stuck up gamers, it is advised to put these gaming glasses. You have your entire life ahead and having eye problems at a tender age is definitely not good. You have a lot to do with your eyes. It’s important for you to opt for preventive measures before anything hazardous and serious happens to this ultimate gift of almighty.